See what our clients say!

(Some testimonials say Buddies Unleashed, that was our old company)

Wendy with her dog, Astro

"We love Buddies Unleashed, and so does our dog, Astro. Buddies Unleashed took great care of Astro while we were away, giving him plenty of love, lots of walks, numerous belly rubs and ample napping time. They also provided us with updates and pictures so we could see that Astro was having a great time and hiding any evidence that he was missing us. We will recommend Buddies Unleashed to anyone looking for doggy care, and we will absolutely use them again."

Trudee with her dog, Kafka

"Buddies Unleashed has been a great service for me and my Kafka! I am unable to give my pup regular walks and I really appreciate the services of this neighborhood treasure. Jake and Drew are both polite, friendly, (to me and my pup) on time and pleasant to deal with!"

Becky with her dog, Kirby

"Buddies Unleashed does a fantastic job of taking care of our dog, Kirby!"


"My dog loves coming to stay at Buddies Unleashed, she’s always very excited to come in the door and see the Wesson family. Jake and Drew provide great care and have a high level of customer service and attention to detail. I know my dog is in good hands when she stays with Buddies Unleashed!"

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