About Us

We started Buddies Unleashed in July 2015 (we don't know the exact date). It was a dog care company in the Hale neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We had the idea for this dog care company at our grandparents house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When we got back to Minneapolis, Minnesota we decided to make Buddies Unleashed a thing. We got about 8 staff members and 2 clients when we started. Buddies Unleashed grew. On July 16th, 2020 we decided to make our company into an all-services company. We started Bunnyhop.

Our logo for Buddies Unleashed.

Why are we named Bunnyhop?

We wanted our company to be a neighborhood service company, and a symbol that represents our neighborhood is the bunny near the Minnehaha Creek. We thought that would represent our neighborhood service company well so we named our company - Bunnyhop.

Some images on this website are not owned by Bunnyhop. All credit goes to the proper owner.